East Street Library, Old Kent Road, London

Library refurbishment


Education / Public Sector

Main Contractor

Bolt and Heeks Construction


We Made That LLP

System installed

Euroclad Norbo Architectural profiles

To the feature external elevations of this existing Library along the Old Kent road, we supplied and installed Euroclad Norbo extruded aluminium sinusoidal cladding system with a feature perforated chimney section to light up the cladding for added effect.

The orange colour certainly livens up the street and is the start of an attempt to rejuvenate the road and bring an added dimension to a quiet library!

The project posed many challenges, not least trying to perforate with elongated slits a sinusoidal extruded material without damaging the hot dipped colour coated profile.

The matching integrated window surrounds were also a challenge in what is an outstanding Architectural achievement.

East St Library cladding system
East St Library
East St Library Euroclad cladding